The background is Carte de la Barbarie contenant l'Empire de Maroc et les Regences d'Alger, de Tunis et de Tripoli from 1829. It was printed in 1833 in Atlas universel de géographie ancienne et moderne, précédé d'un abrégé de géographie physique et historique by M. Lapie. As was usual in French publications, the prime meridian runs through Paris. Otherwise it's a magnificent map and a real feast for the eyes.

Map image © Cartography Associates

That was quick: this report comes published three weeks after my return. It's unfortunately a short one, mainly because of weather - it's not necessarily a good idea to take pictures during a sandstorm, and that lasted for four days. Two rolls of film in two weeks seem like a new record, for me anyway. Nevertheless: I enjoyed it very much, and I am happy with the outcome; get a picture for yourself ;) There is a map again, again self-made, uncommented like all pictures, pretty much detailed and with one or two surprises. That said :-